Norton Auxiliary Dicemasters

MotW: Into the Bay II

Gathering and planning

Leonard and Phil are licking their wounds. They decide to upload the video. Leonard calls Wilson for help and information; Wilson heads over. Phil is concerned that “we have someone’s attention”.

Leonard calls the agency to track cyber attention to Phil’s site. The Agency geek, George, is on the case. “I’ll need root on your box. I’ll let you know when I know something.”

Wilson shows up and they fill him in.

Checking the old footage, they get the license plates of the Monster Lady’s big black car. She’s plotting to open soup kitchens all down the Eastern seaboard.

On the Gircorp website, not only are they planning to expand, it turns out there is a meeting in DC today with Senator Blumfield in his offices. Wilson is worried about Fish Stew Mind Control Apocalypse. Their PR person is Mary Williams who was at the soup kitchen; her contact information is available.

Wilson’s friend Charlie was trying to break into Phil’s system.

Our plan: Arrange a protest by activist fishermen to burst in to the Senate office. Wilson joins as a protestor, uses whiskey and a match to scare her with fire.

Phil & Wilson get supplies, head to DC to meet the flash mob. Leonard goes to meet with his boss.

Leonard & his boss

“Nice work on the were-pit-bull. But why do we have a demon in the infirmary?”

“Here’s what happened: blah blah blah.”

“You’re already over budget on this one. Get it done.”

The ID department has a Capitol Police ID ready! And phosphorus ammo! And flare gun bullets!

Wilson and Phil head to DC

Phil’s phone rings! It’s Marianne, the PR lady! “What are you doing? Why make a special effects video? My boss just makes fish broth. We will sue you into the ground.”

“If you want to avoid all this, give me a face-to-face interview with the boss.”

“Fine! You can have your interview! Ms. Mariko will be available tomorrow morning.”

Phil proposes an address for the interview. Then he calls his researcher, Betty, to prep the site with hidden cameras: a haunted house.

At the Senator’s office

“Fish for fishermen!” The receptionist calls for help. The fishermen start making some noise.

Capitol police show up. Leonard, disguised as a Capitol Cop, tries to stretch this out. “Keep these people here; it’s part of a security investigation.” The cops hover. Phil puts his clips on the TV. Wilson tries to flame the CEO and fumbles it; the cops pounce on him.

The protestors disperse. Leonard takes charge of Wilson to “take him in”, tells the capitol cops to watch the Senator’s office.

So that was a bust, but they got away clean.

Looking at the video, it’s clear that Kasturi Moriko recognized Leonard and Phil. Wilson is still a little banged up.

Planning for the next step

Proposed plan: We prep a magic circle to trap the creature, point the camera at that spot for the interview. Then burn down the house! If the spell fails, Wilson jumps out with a gun full of phosphorus rounds.

Phil tries scrying on Ms Mariko. She is underwater, snuggling with piranha babies. Is her coat / cape and clasp. Wilson’s electronic occult library reveal that this is a shapeshifting tool.

Wilson calls a friend. “Come help us kill some Lovecraftian Deep Ones.”

Leonard goes to the office for weapons.

And we go get a fisherman to sail out a fishing boat to scoop up monster babies in a net. (Well, we don’t tell the fisherman that. We tell him "we’re going to catch the evil CEO fishing illegally!)


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