Norton Auxiliary Dicemasters

MotW: Into the Bay III

Back at the office

Wilson, Henry, Leonard, Phil are trying to come up with a plan. We consider breaking in to FishCo’s offices under cover of night. But when our big demon just scares the office security guard, that plan is a bust.

The next day

Setting up: The circle is under the carpet, where we will film Mariko.

When she shows up, she realizes that something weird is up, but she is not fearful, but rather snarky and bemused. “You’re the one who let me in. And all the others!” She destroys the circle with an ice bolt. “What’s the plan?” asks Leonard.

“What kind of creature are you?” asks the Phil the filmmaker.

“I am a Japanese woman, you racist!”

He plays back the video.

She takes out a cell phone. Phil takes the phone. She says, “Give me my phone back.”

“Tell me of your origins.”

“I was born on Hokkaido 68 years ago.”

She calls her people and orders the release of a video … and “start the lawyers”.

Wilson, in the other room, realizes that Leonard screwed up with an earlier spell which opened a door for many Things From Beyond.

She roughs up Phil, spits an ice bolt through his camera, and begins doing magic and monitoring out. Wilson shoots at her to no effect; she knocks around Wilson. Leonard shoots too: she screams. In comes the Henry with the flamethrower. Leonard takes a hit from another ice javelin. Phil tries to get at her waterbottle, knocking it away but taking a hard hit. Henry lights her up with the flamethrower … which bangs her up but doesn’t kill her. Wilson puts a phosphorus bullet in her. Leonard puts another bullet into her, which drops her … and Henry lights her up with the flamethrower.

The house catches fire. Wilson and Henry book it for the exit. Leonard tries to fire extinguish her, unsuccessfully. There are already sirens from police coming. Phil tries to rescue the cameras. Henry hops a fence. Wilson follows.

Leonard, in faux FBI mode, greets the cops. “The perp is inside, dead.” The cops are perplexed.

The firefighters show up. After some radio calls, they learn that there are not to be any questions.

Mopping up

Her spooky cloak survived, and was recovered by HUD.

Wilson realizes that Leonard’s earlier working was a trick by the Santera to open a doorway which brought through a bunch of monsters.

Breaking out the Ouija board

“Where did the cloak come from?”

A small village in Japan.

“Is it safe for men or women to use?”

No … yes.

“Are there precautions to take?”


“How do you use it?”

Put it on. Close clasp.

Then that board catches fire!

Philip, putting on the cloak, looks like Mariko!

Wrapping up

The piranha babies are withering away. Henry has the magic disguise cloak … which can make him look like anything. But his disconcerting weirdness still shines through.


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