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MotW: That's not a dog

News report of a family — Jon & Muriel Arrens — in a fancy neighborhood who were shredded by “dogs”; the glass was shattered outward.

Sunday afternoon

At the scene, there’s a lot of blood, smeared in several locations plus big pools where the corpses lay. Under the table, there’s part of bloody pawprint. Everything is consistent with it being a large dog. The houses are spread apart; in the wooded hills there is a trail of the creature headed toward the woods. We follow the trail to a fence. Henry cuts through it with the sword. We come to a stream; it looks like it may have gone upstream, so we try going that way. It started wandering slowly. We find a (counterfeit) fancy handbag tag.

Going back and looking at the Arrens’ stuff, Wilson discovers that she is a second wife, younger than the first. She was two months pregnant. Arrens has a day planner! Tomorrow he was going to meet “Ralph”, his attorney. Maybe someone Wanted Them Out Of The Way.

Leonard casts a spell and sees a vision of the killing:

Jon is having a drink.
Muriel asks, “Isn’t it weird that she’s here alone?”
Then a huge pit bull attacks them and kills them.

No clues at the morgue. They were ripped apart by a big dog.

Leonard calls the lawyer as “Special Agent Bob Franks”. We go to his home.

He was changing his will to cut out his 32 year old wastrel son, Max, who opposed the marriage and found the body. “They really were very much in love” and married just last year. Arren was rich, import/export and finance. The lawyer has contempt for Max, who was always talking about “startups” and “investment opportunities”.


Leonard calls Max, who hangs up the first time. Trying again, Leonard hints at a threat … so they plan to meet at a sleazy bar.

Laura Tinsley, his “greedy girlfriend”, is a werewolf. He’s been scratched, so we lock him in Wilson’s vault. We figure out that it will take silver bullets to kill her (duh), and Leonard goes for supplies.


She got scratched last month, killed her sister. We lock her in the bathroom, and with the help of one of Wilson’s ’net friends (Charlie) providing wolfsbane, magic-ing her so she cannot get out.

Charlie reports that another woman was found dead just a few hours ago. Then gets out.

The werewolf bursts through the door. Bang bang with guns: she’s seriously wounded and returns to human form. Leonard stabilizes her. “He made me …” Max?

We take her to the Agency, they do more medical on her.


Yeah, he turned. And we take him to the Agency at the point of a gun.

The next morning

She’s stabilized and unwell. She admits that Max talked her into killing his parents. So we totally leave her at the mercies of the Agency. QED.


Additional details:
- Max Ahrens
Spent his trust fund within five years of gaining access (unknown amount – presumably not modest).
- Laura Tinsley
Went alone to the home of the deceased, hiding a spare set of clothes in the woods behind the house first. Premeditated intention to transform once inside and murder Mr and Mrs. Ahrens. (Explains Muriel Ahrens’ channelled comment re: “she’s here alone”, and the fake Coach bag-tag found in the woods.)
When she broke out of the bathroom (secured for 30 mins by Wilson using wolfsbane provided by his friend “Charlie”), she is shot with two (silver pellet) shotgun blasts (by myself and the daemon Harvey).
- “Mercy of the Agency”
I don’t know to what you may be referring. Laura and Max will be well cared-for as part of our program for paranormals – and have a much better life than they could have had anywhere else (where they would be dead). These two are a regular were-dog Bonnie and Clyde, afterall.
- Wilson’s Oubliette
We detained Max Ahrens in Wilson’s oubliette while we went to deal with Laura Tinsley. A very impressively prepared site – an ex-bank vault with appropriate sigils for retaining the contents (or presumably preventing unwanted entry). May need to make use of this in the future.

And Wilson, you may be a free-lancer, but professionals try not use language like “totally” in a report of this nature.

- L. Hansen, HUD Special Evictions Unit

MotW: That's not a dog
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